The Process

It is important to understand what we're doing here at Utah PPE, and how we're doing it.

We initially created this website to as a way to help compile pre-orders from smaller healthcare facilities and at-risk individuals that were not in a position to purchase the mass quantities necessary to get reasonable pricing on their own for Personal Protective Equipment (masks, gowns, gloves, etc.).  Since we were unable to obtain these products from our regular suppliers with the current covid-19 crisis, this was a solution that allowed us to get the Personal Protective Equipment we needed to continue caring for our critical patient populations.

 As orders came in, we combined them into one large bulk order to the various manufacturers and suppliers in order to get the best pricing for everyone.  This process required a long 7-14 days for bulk shipments to arrive which meant a significant wait before we could obtain our much needed products.  While this was an inconvenient delay, at least we were once again able to access PPE gear.  Fortunately, we have made it past that difficult time, and have stocked up in advance on various PPE products.  This means, we will now be able to immediately send out orders as they come in.